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Stay Younge

Stephanie Lynn Keil
A best friend, And quite and interesting girl
How do I begin to explain her?
I guess to put it simply, she's a 6 year old girl stuck in a 16 year old's body.
Drinks chocolate milk evey morning for breakfast
Gets overwhelmingly excited when her mom brings home candy
Cries when she doesnt get her way
Is terrified of the dark
Deathly afraid of scarey images that most of us laugh at or get over in a second
Cannot stay anywhere alone, and ecspecially cannot sleep by herself
Begged me to stand in line with her to get a balloon animal
And loves silly and pointless little games
Carries stickers in her purse almost all the time
Is in love with Hannah Montanna
Is still down for a good ol' bake sale
Has a room that includes pink, purple, clouds, and plenty of stuffed animals
Likes carebears, bambi, and almost any disney cartoon
Laughs at the littlest things
Refuses to let go of her N*sync collection
Loves Pink
Did I mention she's addicted to candy?
Cannot go into a store without touching absolutly everything!
Finds way too much joy out of little mechanical toys..
But most importantly she puts a smile on your face
Gives ya a good laugh
And never lets you forget that the little things count
She makes you realize that we all need to find joy and happiness in everyday
And to appreciate what we have
As the rest of us get in a hurry to grow up and move on
She reminds all to slow down and enjoy our time..becuase eventually it'll run out
One day, we will wish we could go back to what would only be memories
We are younge only once in our lives
This is our time to live with no worries and no regrets; Take advantage
Stay young and stay happy
Thanks steph, Dont ever change.



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One Day We all hope to find what we’re looking for..

~A guy that knows exactly what to say to make things better

~That one guy that when my phone goes off,  I pray that its him..and it actually is.

~A guy that will call just to say hi and tell me that he cares.

~A guy that no matter what..knows when something is bugging me.

   And when I’m upset or angry, He’ll never let me hang up the phone

~A guy who truely wants to take care and protect me

   Who would be the first one to defend me when the time comes

~A guy that when I hear his voice, everything else is the world just disapears

~A guy that will never talk down to me, but still knows how to lead the way

~ A guy that knows how important the little things are.

~ A guy that I know will never brake his promise to me..never.

~A guy that with every touch, takes my breath away and leaves me with butterflies that I could never   forget.

~A guy that when we’re together can put aside all barriers and strengths and can simply just be himself despite everyone and everything else. 

~And more than anything, a guy that can talk to me, tell me his problems, and is fearless to express    his emotions. That even when he knows I know, will tell me that he cares..that he loves me.

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I found myself stuck in the middle of the unknown and the known as I viewed the night just like any other. As I stood there looking above into endless sea of stars I realized the power of our attitudes and positions we take on life. Every twinkling star was beyond my reach and comprehensive, however as I looked below to the Valley I could see everything that is and beyond. The city, the lights, the lives of the world were right there. The answers dance in front of you. Now with a simple change of view, every thought and every emotion was altered. Every star and every twinkle in the sky raised a question, a question of the unknown. I cannot say that one is better than the other, but only that both are completely different and yet equally empowering.

Standing above the world, looking down onto the lives and the life we get lost in day to day gives a new strength of knowledge and realization. The city becomes breathtaking under the night sky and for some reason or another, everything becomes clear. Maybe seeing everything at once opens that door to the answers we were searching for. It allows us to reflect on ourselves and by taking a step back from the world, we are able to take a step back from our lives and see the whole picture. We see the rights, the wrongs, the ups and the downs. However most importantly, we are able to see the changes and growth we have endured. Looking back allows us all to gain respect and apprecitation for what we have. The veiw alone gives us the courage to go forth and find the best in life.

And now, As I looked up into the sky, my security and my confidence dwindled. The stars stare down at you like they know something that you don’t, that you couldn’t understand. You realize as you’re looking out into an endless night that there’s so much out of reach, thats there lies a world that is unobtianable. Most of the time I found myself wondering where I’ll be in the future or what my purpose and calling is in this life. These stars only raise more questions. However the unknown and mysteries of the future keep us holding on; holding on to the possibility of reaching our dreams. If we knew everything before we experienced it, its purpose and quality would fade into nothing. The stars, as much as they keep from us, give us hope and the strength to find what we’re looking for.

We look down and we know what is, we look up and we wonder what will be. However ironically, what is will change and the unknown will linger forever. The town and the people will all age and grow older; eventually they will mold into something else. We need change but we also need realibility. The stars and our hopes will always remain. There will always be the unkown, an everlasting and reliable friend to keep us going. As I said before, the views are quite different but both a necessity to life. A breathtaking moment makes the day worth living for.


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“If you cant be the poet then be the poem”~David Carradine~

 Our lives are put into our own hands so take every moment of life like a a breath of fresh air. Find yourself and be yourself and then take that and make something of it. Dont spend your life looking for something to say when you can spend it giving others something to say about it. Make your story and make it worth telling. Dont hesitate and dont back down; Take that step outside the line and be the one standing out in front.

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What is normal? Is it being like everyone else? Is everone alike?
Is it doing the tasks and activities the way we are expected to do them? Expected?
So is being normal acting how people want you to act? Is this a society where we look down upon ourselves because we are different? Isn’t everyone different? So if everyone is different, then who are we trying to be normal for? What is normal?
Now that’s a dern good question..

Maybe there’s no such thing. I guess I was way off when I said “to be normal” That would be impossible if it does not exsist. You can change, you can be different from who you were, but you can not be normal.

How enlightening..

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A New Beginning

A new place to blog:

I thought about updating all my previous works to my new blogger, but then I decided to make things a little different..maybe try some new styles or ideas. We’ll see how it goes..I’ll probably throw some old one in there, but I’m going to try to keep things new and fresh.

Hope ya’ll enjoy!


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